Why are protein supplements so important?

Protein nutrients are essential in bodybuilding. Protein supplements are usually used by people who practice all kinds of sports. It’s hardly surprising because protein is the main muscle building material, and without a proper supply, even while severely training, we will not be able to achieve satisfactory results and thus increase muscle mass.

Many people assume that protein is not at all necessary for exercise, and considers it to be a superfluous product used only by professional athletes - that's a mistake. Even a specialized training plan arranged by the best trainer will be worth nothing without proper supplementation. It’s worthwhile to mention here how this works and why we should put so much emphasis on the dosage. Protein delivered to the body along with food is broken up by digestive enzymes into a simpler amino acid form. Amino acids are absorbed by our digestive system, where they get into the bloodstream and from there to the muscle tissue. They build and regenerate, they allow intensive growth of new muscle fibres and protect them from damage. MUSCLE ZONE products contain large amounts of the most valuable pure animal and vegetable proteins. The most common and popular choice is whey protein, which is distinguished not only by the number of amino acids contained in it, but also its effectiveness. It’s characterized by good assimilation and absorption - even up to 15 minutes after ingestion. This makes it an ideal product for daily supplementation and can even be used during the reduction period. The product is best eaten immediately after the workout, within minutes of its completion - the muscles are best prepared to assimilate the supplement then. Protein should also be used during long intervals between meals or in the morning after waking up, before breakfast. Ideally, when our stomach is empty - this will result in better absorption of amino acids, but this is not necessary. We cannot exaggerate the amount because we know that too much of something is not healthy. Too high a dose is a burden on our digestive system, kidneys and liver and can lead to serious and even life-threatening diseases, of course not from a one-off dose but with a continuous, inexperienced use. Remember that the muscles do not only grow from protein, as they also require other valuable nutrients.

For best results, contact a professional personal trainer or use the special free-of-charge protein calculators available online. They will help you match the right amount without worrying about overdosing. Used as dietary supplement, proteins should not cause any side effects. Whey protein is not recommended for people with lactose intolerance - it can aggravate digestive ailments. In this case, it’s best to choose another type of nutrient - not the dairy protein.

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